Executive Coaching

Collaborative Partnership • Discovery • Goal Setting • Specific Action
Untapped Potential • Extraordinary Results • Development of Human Capacity

Executive Coaching is a collaborative partnership between a coach and a willing individual which connects at the deep personal level of
values, vision and beliefs through the process of discovery, goal setting and specific action for the realization of extraordinary results.

executive coaching
What are the goals of each Coaching Conversation? Promoting self-discovery • Establishing achievable goals • Empowering self to achieve goals • Determining a course of action

Leadership Strategy

What skills do you need to develop to achieve
Leadership Success?
Strategic Design ♦Time Management
Effective Communication ♦ Relationships
Emotional Intelligence ♦ Conflict Management

What do you need to make your coaching experience more
♦ Be committed to your goals and vision.
♦ Make a commitment to complete your action plan.
♦ Make your coaching experience a priority.

Leadership Success

Areas of Coaching
Relationships ♦ Emotional Intelligence ♦ Stretch and Risk
Commitment ♦ Feedback ♦ Personal Power ♦ Passion
Listening ♦ Effective Communication ♦ Strategic Design

Common Areas of Engagement
Employee Development ♦ Career Development
Work-Life Balance ♦ Performance ♦ Personal Growth
More Efficient Decision Making ♦ Improved Communication

executive coaching-leadership success
Areas of Return on Investment: Productivity • Quality • Organizational Strength • Customer Service • Job Satisfaction • Teamwork • Relationships

Collaborative Coach Approach
We help executives, managers and business owners strengthen leadership and managerial skills. Our coach approach is collaborative, open, flexible and designed to meet individual needs. We support leaders to bridge the gap to their next level of personal and business success so that they can operate at their full capacity with passion and be clear about their legacy.
Rita Gunkel, Certified Executive Coach

When we help and empower each other, the world becomes a better place.

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