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The Benefits of Regular Physical Activity

Even at moderate levels regular exercise reduces the risk of  diseases and obesity.  Almost everyone is aware of the health risks associated with not exercising.  So why don't we seem to be doing anything to change our sedentary ways?  A common response I get from clients is "My life is too hectic and stressful...I don't have time". High levels of stress can lead to emotional eating, weight gain and eventually disease.Do you pay too much attention to the needs of others and forget about yourself?  What would it feel like if you made some time for yourself?  Try it.  Invest in yourself.  It will make you and everyone else around you happy because you are relaxed and energized.Is your thinking about exercise "all or nothing"? This can cause you to bite off more than you can chew and make you quit altogether. Most exercise routines fail because the goals are set are too high to fit into your busy day.  Start with a small change....walk/bike to work or use the stairs instead of the elevator.

Connect Body & Mind

Think of exercise as an activity that connects your body and mind and reduces stress levels. The physical body is designed to move.Choose from a variety of activities:
Aerobic Exercise | Tennis | Cycling | Running | Hiking | Snowshoeing | Walking | Swimming | Skiing | Weight Lifting | Pilates | Tai Chi | Yoga | Golfing | Kayaking. The list is endless.A routine that makes you feel good is easy to integrate into your daily life. It leads to the long term gains you are seeking.

exercise fitness coaching
The body is designed to move. Take each step with joy.....

exercise coaching fitness
Just do what you love!

Develop an Exercise Plan

  • A recreational athlete and outdoor enthusiast all my life, I bring the passion of aspiring to a personal best to coaching others. I help you develop an exercise plan that fits your lifestyle and your desires.Through a collaborative approach, I help you to identify, clarify, attain and sustain your goals by coaching you all the way to achieve your personal best.


When we help and empower each other, the world becomes a better place.

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