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Biological Decoding is an advanced conflict resolution modality. Decoding your biology helps you uncover and release hidden sub-conscious psycho/emotional conflicts.When you can't solve conflicts and issues in life rationally or emotionally, it causes stress. We all have varying levels of stress tolerance. When stress exceeds your tolerance level, the brain seeks a solution for your survival and lowers the stress to your body. Conditions and disease may then appears in your physical body.Biological Decoding helps you uncover and understand the why of the hidden conflicts and enables you to release them to find solutions and take charge of your health and well-being.

Biology is chemistry. You can change it. Everything that is programmed can be deprogrammed and reprogrammed. Psycho/emotional conflicts are also programmed and can be deprogrammed. A new life project & purpose can then be reprogrammed.

Biological conflicts of a child may be the result of unresolved psycho/emotional conflicts in the genealogy.


From generation to generation conditions or disease are transmitted in an unconscious way.Unconscious programs are created by the small child. What is your belief system about yourself? Up until the age seven, a child absorbs everything in the environment. Trauma and devaluations during these early years create unconscious programs. If left unresolved it may lead to conflicts later in life. At any time in your life, a stressful or traumatic event could have been:
dramatic (something big or small and repetitive happened in your life)
unexpected (you were shocked and taken by surprise)
isolated (something happened you could not talk about.)

Your biology

Your body is intelligent. It listens to your thoughts. Have you ever wondered how that works? Thought analyzes every situation instantly and sends a message to the brain.
The brain computes the message, and instructs the body to act.
The body acts out the instruction sent by the brain.What are your thoughts about yourself and your health? For a healthy body, think everything healthy and well.

Your body is intelligent. It listens to your thoughts.

How does Biological Decoding work?

Everything that is created has a purpose. To understand the why of a condition or issue, decoding is based on inquiry to uncover unconscious psycho/emotional conflicts and blocks.During consultation, a biological decoding consultant explains the decoding process and asks questions to identify triggering and programming conflicts. Information is gathered about life history and genealogy. Assistance and guidance is provided to understand and reflect about the situation to allow for conflicts to be disabled and released to find a solution. Support is provided to shift perspective to take charge of one's health and well-being to create a new life purpose.
Consultations are conducted with openness and integrity in a safe, compassionate and confidential manner. Consultations can be scheduled either face-to-face or by live chat.

The modality of Biological Decoding is a complimentary and advanced conflict resolution modality. It is not a substitute for a medical or psychological diagnosis or treatment. Biological Decoding consultants do not diagnose conditions , nor prescribe medication or treatment. Biological Decoding Consultants do not interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional.
Rita Gunkel, Biological Decoding Consultant

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